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Army Veterans: 10 Problems Ex-Veterans Face after Military Life


Military life is quite different from everyday civilian life. Apart from the obvious dangers that army veterans face in the course of their service, there are several qualities that make military life so dissimilar to civilian life.

These differences are so stark that ex veterans find themselves having to make the necessary adjustments in order to cope with the myriad of changes.

But adjusting to change is fraught with difficulties. In light of this fact, here are ten problems ex-veterans face after service.

10. Futility of War


It’s okay to give one’s life to active service, to the belief that he/ she is working to defend the interests of the fatherland.

But during the course of service, soldiers go through jarring and unthinkable experiences. Army veterans become accustomed to sights of violence and bloodshed.

They also take lives, destroy property and obey the commands of superiors regardless of whether their actions are morally acceptable or not because according to Shakespeare, ‘all’s fair in love and war’.

All this they do under the milieu of military life. But what about life after military service?

Here the ex-officers are faced with ample time for reflection.

Questions therefore arise, questions like ‘was it worth it? All the loss of lives including those of fallen comrades, was it worth it?’

This understanding of the futility of war can lead to mood swings and depression if not properly handled. [...]


11 Things Only The Truly Poor Would Understand


Society is divided into three broad financial categories. We have the upper class, the middle class and the lower class.

Money is just a tool for the upper class. But for the middle and lower classes, money is air and money is life.  This disparity in the need for money makes it difficult for the upper class aka rich people to relate with the problems of the lower class aka poor people.

The middle class enjoy a unique seat on the fence. They are never actually rich but they don’t fit into the poor people’s club either. 

They are always at the door of poverty with one foot in and one foot out. This makes it easier for them to relate with the problems of the humble fellows.

So if you find yourself relating with the points I’m about to list out, well you know where you belong. Now don’t get mad, afterall no condition is permanent. He who stands might fall someday and he that is fallen might rise one day.

By the way, I’m not one to blow my trumpet but I’m just gonna say that I created that quote. Yea the one you just read about he who stands and he that is fallen bla bla bla. So yea, bow before Sage Samuel, lol.

Seriously though, if you can relate to these eleven points then well…hmm [...]


Feeling Low? Here Is A Method That Holocaust Victims Used To Cope


Reality can be a handful sometimes. She does all her best to oppose our fantasies and so most times, she turns out in ways that are contrary to what we want or hope for.

Take for example going through all the rigours of college where you persevere through the bulk of strenuous courses and disagreeable schedules only to come out and find that the job companies aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpets for you to march in and take your place.

It sucks doesn’t it? There’s also the sudden exit of loved ones or the delayed promotion at work. Heavy situations such as these pull our moods down with them.

But just like us, those in the concentration camps during the holocaust also saw the harsh side of reality. She was really mean to them but those of them that survived found a way to cope through this method. [...]


Iron Fist (TV Series 2017) Netflix : Who's Laughing Now, Critics?

Iron fist is the fourth in a series of shows that will lead up to Marvel’s well anticipated ‘The Defenders’ miniseries.

Considering the show’s illustrious siblings which include; Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, it is not surprising that the Iron Fist had a lot to live up to.

It is like the last kid trying to measure up to outstanding older siblings.  

Did it live up to that?

Well, the internet has been bubbling with rampant criticism. Yep, fellows have been yapping about the show’s perceived underwhelming qualities.

There are three main points that seem to unite the critics in their head shaking and tongue wagging. [...]


The Knife Flinger

Lorius Midel Episode 10

“Oh,” I said, “so umm, are you excited?”

“Excited.” she said and clucked her tongue “I do not even know the man… and he is so far from our city you know” all this she said in the Fulani language.

“I understand,” I said, for lack of any other thing.

Her head snapped up at this and she gave me a slow wry smile.

“What do you understand?” she asked, “are you a woman? Only a woman can understand what I am going through.”

I liked her voice. Then a thought flashed through my mind.

“Can I see your face?”

She gasped, apparently startled.

“I am not supposed to do that…you know that,”

“I am sorry, how could I ask such a thing of a disciplined and responsible girl such as you.”

She just kept mute, staring at me.

“So umm, how long have you….” I started, trying to change the conversation?

“You really want to see my face?” she interrupted.

“Well yea,” I answered “you have such a beautiful voice, so I umm, could not help wondering,” I knew I was being rascally, but I liked her fiery attitude and… I wanted to see her face. [...]



The Worst Nature of Villanus Slade


“I am not in the mood for your games,” I say.

My replica struts about, kicking at the sand.

“Let’s just leave this wretched school. I’ll tell you on the way.” he says.

I give him an impatient shoulder pat “tell me what the witch doctor told you. Don’t make me regret rescuing you.”

He strokes his nose and places his hands in his trouser pockets “okay Sladey boy, since you’re so eager to know.”

“I am quite eager to know,” I urge him.

My replica shuffles his feet “you wouldn’t like what the witch doctor said.”

I stone my machete into the earth so that it stands upright. “tell me already!” I yell.

He shrugs his shoulders “well it wasn’t easy but I was able to discover quite a lot of things.” he says and paces about “first off, I know where the woman lives. You know, the female member of my three captors.”

I hate the fact that he sees my life as his life. Just look at him saying ‘my three captors’ when I was the one that was captured by the three devils.

He wasn’t even there when during the ritual. And he doesn’t even say ‘our’, he says ‘my’.

But I am in no mood to bicker about that right now.

“Okay…so let’s go find her.” I say, already walking towards the school gate.

“Well there’s something else, Slade.” He says. [...]



The Girl In The Veil

Lorius Midel Episode 9



He sighed and shook his head.

“No, never mind. Come to think of it, I do like quiet places too,” he said, leaning towards me.

“Ah…so you are troubled,” I said.

He chuckled, dropping his head.

“Miletus.” he muttered and then raised his head. “Your father, is he a merchant?”

“Nay…my father is Khamil Aberudeen. He…”

“The doctor?” he interrupted.

“Why yes,” I answered.

“Oh, I have heard so much about him. I heard of his experimental garden, where he planted all those strange herbs he got from his sojourns.” he said.

“How is he…Does he still practise?” Oedimus asked.

“Well, he is the Saif now, so he is rather occupied with his office,”

“Oh, the Saif,” he said “That is admirable and well deserved,”

“Are you a doctor too?” I asked.

He smiled. There was a kind of light in his eyes as if he was amused by something I did not know.

“I… I am many things, Miletus,” he answered “but I definitely cannot work wonders like your father.” he said.

I just nodded, unsure what to make of his answer.

“So, how come you were travelling across the desert in the company of merchants?” he continued.

“I have a merchant friend and he invited me,” I answered.

“So you love adventure?” he asked.

“A lot of young boys do,”

This had him chuckling.

“Did you find the journey appealing?” he asked.

“It is the desert. But I did find a change from the normal way things go,” I answered.

“Ah, a break from the normal way things go. It is a common desire you know, but sometimes the break is different from the expected manner, you know,” [...]


Deep Down Below

Ivan from Hell episode 8


Ivan barely heard what the demon said. His mind was too pre-occupied with the horrible sight he’d just witnessed back at the cave.

Halimar was lost.

He could still hear her desperate pleas for help as the small dragon bathed her with its fire breath.

He’d been able to do nothing. All he’d done was watch.  Now she was all alone in that lost realm. She was powerless to move and powerless to heal. They had left her there marooned…forever.

 “Do you miss your companion?” The demon asked him.

Ivan said nothing.

They had climbed up a lengthy flight of steps and come upon a flat pedestal that made Ivan think of an Island in the sky.

There was a way the clouds surrounded the pedestal and the platform led to nowhere. It just had edges which promised a long drop into oblivion.

The demon came up from behind Ivan and wrapped her arms around him. He was shocked when he recognised her scent.

“You remember this scent, don’t you? I took it from one of your memories.” She said.

Ivan frowned “to what end?” he asked.

See, the demon smelled exactly like Anna, the love of his human life.

“I want us to get along nicely.” The demon said.

Ivan wished he could disentangle himself from her embrace but just then he saw her little dragon fly past into the clouds. After seeing it roast Halimar, Ivan was wary of the little monster.

“Well, you shall warm up to me in no time. Hang on now, we are about to take off.” The demon said.

Before Ivan could protest, she thrust them into the sky, with the sheer power of her wings. [...]


Skirting The Gates of Heaven and Hell

Swing Ep 5

“You go meet him in the shed. I will lurk outside and check for surprises.” He says.

I look at him “why? Are you scared now?”

“Don’t be silly.” He says “he is an old man, you know. Old men can be very crafty.”

I look towards the shed and take a deep breath. And then I approach the small hut.  I have always been scared of dogs especially once they’ve grown past a certain size. Approaching this hut for some reason feels like I am approaching a big dog. I just cannot ignore the rising feeling of apprehension welling up inside of me.

“I can feel your fear.” My replica says from behind me “are you sure you are up to this?”

I clench my machete and ignore him as I walk closer and closer to the entrance. This is the entrance to the place, the place where I was supposedly butchered. I take one last glance at him and hate myself for making such a mistake. But he is no longer standing there. Where has he gone now? I wonder. [...]


Oedimus, The Stranger

Lorius Midel Ep 8

“You cannot?” one said “did you hear him, he said he cannot!”

And suddenly that one picked a stone and hurled it at me with all malice. I ducked fast as a whiplash so that the stone flew over my head and crashed into some clay pots behind me.

Clack ka ka, I heard the broken bits clatter. All I could think of was the fact that my head would have met the fate of the poor pot. [...]



The Wind Serpent pt 2


It took his eyes a few moments to understand that the dark hall had turned into a murky jungle. And this jungle was as chilly as Russia.

Already, his fingers felt numb and his breath formed ghostly mists. But the cold was not enough to dispel creatures for he could hear rustling within the mist.

The rustling was not that of small animals scurrying about but rather it sounded like the lazy movement of something enormous, moving through the woods.

Every now and then a creature would let out a baleful roar. But the sounds seemed to be coming from afar. Then again how far was far enough, he mused.

Ivan was still on his knees as he had been before the creature, the lord of the realm. He looked upon Halimar who knelt beside him.

Her eyes were wild and nervous. There was a small clustering of frost on her hair and she breathed in short rapid bursts.

“Is there any way out of this evil forest?” Ivan asked her.

Halimar gazed at the floor which was covered in grey leaves and thoughtfully shook her head.

“This is another reality. This place is like a backdoor to hell’s realms. Only special demons and creatures that possess powers of the mind can go in and out of this realm.” Halimar said.

Ivan gasped “do you mean to say that we are lost forever in this ice jungle?”

Halimar’s eyes kept darting around as though she half-expected some creature to pop out from the surrounding mist.

“Well, we could always do something reckless.” She said.

“Do what?” Ivan asked.

“We could try to overcome a demon. If we steal a demon’s eyes then we would possess its power for a limited time.” Halimar said.

Ivan laughed slowly “you mean we should go against a creature like the branders I met at the city gate?”

Halimar gazed at him “oh Ivan. You haven’t truly met a demon. What you have come across are branders and transporters and goblins, not actual demons.”

“What then does a demon look like?” Ivan asked.

Just then the floor on which they knelt cracked like broken glass. From beneath the floor arose an open monstrous mouth like that of a giant crocodile with pointed brown teeth the length of ship masts. [...]

The Strange Ghostlike Nature of Slade Akintola

Swing Ep 4

©Samuel Mogbolu


Snap crack crack! It sounds like thunder. I turn back to see the source of this sound. Whoaa….no… no…no. I dash back, spin on my heels and then run.

I run for my dear life. The mighty tree is falling.  It’s about to crush me like an ant. I can see its shadow swooping down on me like a hawk. I trip over a mound and gbam!

The tree buries me.





Oh hey there. I am breathing again. But I am stuck. I am stuck under this mountain of timber. Its strong wooden smell is suffocative.

My eyes are so dwarfed by what looks like a wall of scaly tree bark resting on my chest.  The most part of my body, from my chest downwards, is crushed under this fallen tree. And its weight is monstrous.

I cannot even squirm and I think my body is condemned. My face is twisted like someone suffering from a stroke. But I don’t think that’s all that is twisted. I don’t need to look. I can tell that all my bones are sticking out from my skin like spikes [...]



5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Mechanic For Your Car

Finding the right mechanic for your car can be a bit of a hassle. But it pays to make the right decision.

This is because a good mechanic not only saves you money and time but also saves you from unnecessary heartache.

So if you want that four-wheeled baby of yours to be well taken care of and you are wondering how to make the right choice, then here’s five things you should look for when choosing your car repairer.

Before listing them, I want to stress one rule of thumb. This rule of thumb states that every individual must have a basic understanding of his or her vehicle.

This understanding will enable you to sniff out the quirks in potential mechanics when the need arises.

You should know when your car just needs new plugs or has a dead battery or various basic problems.

This is why you are strongly advised to have a regular car maintenance routine as this will familiarise you with your car.

You should also try to be conversant with the current prices of motor spare parts as this will protect you from the cheats and opportunists out there.  

Having said that, let’s get to the good stuff. [...]


The Lost Prince

Lorius Midel Ep 7

The morning was young and lovely. The sun was yet to arrive, perhaps he made a quick stop at a friend’s place before coming to escort us desert folk on our journey.

 The men littered the precinct; some had stridden out of looking range and most of them performed their ablutions in preparation for the morning prayers.

I quickly walked to a free basin and washed myself too. After tea had had been taken, it was time to move again. The merchants saddled their camels and off we went.

We rode quietly today, each man lost in thought as we waded through seas of sand and juts of gloomy cactus.

At about mid-noon, amidst the benevolence of the ever-friendly sun, we finally passed the first settlement residing on this wasteland.

Down the valley, they lived, and as we rode, I took notice of them. They tied animal skins around their waist and were very dark in complexion.

They erected wooden structures with thatch roofs for shelter and their cows peppered the valley. As we rode by, most of the settlers stopped whatever they were doing and turned to watch us pass.

Some young ones wanted to run up towards us but the mothers snatched them quickly while their men held their bows as though they were trying to pass a message across.

 My rider looked down at them and wrinkled his nose “they are nomads, probably going to the city…very persistent creatures”.

I looked on ahead and noticed that we had come upon a stretch of large rocks. Some of the rocks rose as high as a date palm tree. Everywhere I looked, I saw the rocks. It was like a fortress of pillars.

“Haa…are we going to pass through this place?” I exclaimed. [...]


6 Solid Reasons Why Nigeria Should Not Disintegrate

Quirky Articles

©Samuel Mogbolu

Nigeria as a nation is under attack. There is a strong threat to its nationality. The issue of Nigeria’s disintegration has been a hot topic ever since the last general elections in 2015.

Since then it has received fuel from Pro-Biafran groups, and Pro Yoruba-nation advocates amongst others who believe the Nation-state is no longer suitable.

But should Nigeria really disintegrate? Are those Biafrans being ridiculous?

If you need points just for the sake of argument or you are still trying to make up your mind then here’s six reasons why Nigeria is better off as a nation. [...]


The Exorcism Of Slade Akintola

Swing Ep 3

“Spirit of Slade Akintola, by the power invested in me as a servant of the most high God, I command you to vacate this premises in Jesus name!” The reverend yells.

He’s a tall dark man with a bald head and he’s dressed in a new power suit. He came prepared, armed with his big King James Version bible in one hand and a bottle of olive oil in his right hand.

Beside him stands my mother and around them stands about fifty church members plus onlookers who have come to witness the exorcism of poor Slade Akintola. They are all standing outside at the front porch.

“Spirit of Slade Akintola! Listen to me, your place is with your maker. Ya ga da ga da ga da!” he raps faster than the rounds of a machine gun.

Whenever he commands me like this, I pause waiting to note any difference. But nothing changes.

The building does not shake, I don’t feel supernaturally overpowered. You know, to be honest, I don’t think what he’s doing is working.

None of them seem willing to step foot into the house. So for the sake of a little fun, I stroll out from the parlour to stand on the veranda.

You should see the commotion. You’d think a riot just broke out from the way the crowd yells and scatters in several directions.

But I’ve got to give it up for the reverend. He stands his ground and keeps his eyes fixed on mine. [...]



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