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Want Justin Bieber Fame? How To Get Thousands Of Facebook Likes For Free

Facebook is undeniably the most popular social media site. Arguably everyone uses Facebook or has heard of it except for people who live in Antartica and a couple of Neanderthals who somehow walk among us *winks*.

Since Facebook is a social media site, it is used for all sorts of social activities like connecting with people you care (or do not care) about and a myriad of business activities. 

This vibrant hustle and bustle makes the Facebook Like a very important feature of the site.

The ‘Facebook like’ to some people is a seal of approval or a sign of recognition. To others, it’s just a way to feel close to the beautiful girl that will never reply your private messages.

Whatever meaning it holds for you, one thing is for sure. Everyone loves getting likes. It feels good, it boosts morale and it is damn good for businesses especially online ones like blogging.

This is because it increases the visibility of posts which in turn boosts exposure, which in turn leads to possibly more customers or visitors as the case may be.

Perhaps this is why Facebook users are very selfish with giving likes. Yea they are so mean aren’t they? They just want to read stuff and pass on without even dropping a little hint to show they noticed.

This can be really frustrating when you notice the ‘favoured ones’. I am talking about those golden fellows that drip likes from everything they post.  It’s like even their sneezing gets hundreds of likes.

Well if you want to be Facebook famous like these media gods and goddesses or you just want to promote a facebook page and gain more exposure, then this post is for you. 

Read on to see the secret behind the fame juice of most of these annoying idols.

Like for Like Groups

"Bow before royalty homie, 1000 likes on my dp?!"

There are several groups on Facebook that exist solely to exchange likes and comments.

 Can you imagine that? While you’re there thinking someone’s post is the shit because of the numerous likes you see, the person is actually working his/her ass off to get those likes.

These groups require a high level of integrity. You are not allowed to fake (don’t say you’ve liked their post when you haven’t). They take their ‘liking’ very seriously. You should too if you wanna be like them.

The best way to find these group is to type ‘facebook famous’ in your search box on Facebook and view the results that  pop up.

You can also search for ‘like for like’. Join the groups that show up in the results and start exchanging.

1. Business Like Me Like You Ladder


 One example is the Business Like Me Like You Ladder group. This used to be my favourite. It’s still my favourite but like most groups, the activity has waned down a bit.

But it usually picks up during holiday seasons when the stress of work or school life does not keep folks away from their pc’s or phones.

Here's the link.


2. Like For Like Fb And Youtube

This is another group that is teeming with fellows ready to exchange likes. Give it a try and see if it’s suitable for you.

Here's the link.

3. Like for Like

This used to be the parent group. And it used to be super-active and successful but it broke up and birthed several other groups. It is still a great place to get likes.

Here's the link.

One thing you should know about these groups is that they seem to prefer fan pages rather than personal profiles. In other words, if you’re out to get likes on your Fan page, then these groups are perfect.

4. Facebook Famous (4G Likers/Followers)


This is perhaps the most active exchange group I’ve ever been in. They favour personal profiles more than fan pages. I don’t think they care much for fan pages.

They do things like ‘blowing’. When a member says blow for blow, they simply mean ‘like’ as many posts on my wall as possible and I’ll do the same.

Here they’ll be glad to add you to their friends list if you prove yourself to be active and someone that likes posts without ‘skipping’. They call faithful group members ‘realers’.

This group is most suitable for Africans especially Nigerians and Zambians as this constitutes the vast majority of the group.

Here's the link.

Apart from the 4G Likers group, most of the groups are a bit sceptical when it comes to status updates and photos but they don’t shun them. Don’t be shy to try them.

Also for the sake of subtlety, always check to see if the group is a closed or public group before joining.

It is better to join closed groups. You don’t want your friends to see you posting ‘like my page for a quick like back’ or ‘like my photo for a quick like back’. The magic is in the details afterall.

But if you’re not into groups and you want something less stressful then there are actual apps and sites that offer free likes.

Yes free likes. And no they would not spam your profile with unwanted embarrassing posts to friends. There are several of them but I’m only going to give you the two I trust the most.

Sites That Give Free Facebook Auto Likes

1. Dj Likers.

This site requires you to allow certain permissions on your Facebook profile. First you must change your follower settings from friends to ‘public’ or everybody.

After that, visit the site. This is what their homepage looks like.


Right click on the link that says click here.

It should lead you to this page.


I call it the Permissions Page. Right click on the first step to allow permissions or (you can either right click or open it in a new tab).

In order to avoid any chance of spamming, I always allow apps to post to ‘only me’. You should do that too.


After allowing permissions, it would send you to a mac os page. Close the page and return to the permissions page which you left open in another tab (if you’ve been following my instructions).

Now go to the second step, and open the link in a new tab (the one that says click here to access token).

It should also lead you to another mac os page.

Just copy the link in the address box and paste in the box on the home page and then click submit.

This should lead you to this page.


Type in the numbers you see and voila you’re in. Now you can make use of the features like auto like, auto comments and custom id.

I prefer using just the auto like, the auto comment is not that reliable.   

If you do everything correctly, you should be swimming in likes in no time.

This is the link for dj likers Click Me

Fb Auto Liker

This works just like dj likers. Follow the steps of before and you should have no problem logging in.

Here is the link Click Me

There are also apps like 404 likers. 404 likers is an app to get likes on facebook. Search for it on google play and reach likes up to 250+ per submit.

N.B when using these sites, always make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account. Also when you try to log in through an auto liker app for the first time, Facebook might temporarily lock your account.

Don’t be bothered; just follow the instructions Facebook gives you and your account would be opened instantly. You might have to change your password but it’s a small price to pay.

They do this to protect you from hackers since the app you’ll be logging in from is strange.

That’s all for Facebook fame 101. Don’t let the power drive you crazy.



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