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Self Esteem On The Low? Here Is A Method That Holocaust Victims Used To Cope

Sometimes our self-esteem is attacked by all the jarring events reality has to offer. She does all her best to oppose our fantasies and so most times, she turns out in ways that are contrary to what we want or hope for.

Take for example going through all the rigours of college where you persevere through the bulk of strenuous courses and disagreeable schedules only to come out and find that the job companies aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpets for you to march in and take your place.

It sucks doesn’t it? There’s also the sudden exit of loved ones or the delayed promotion at work. Heavy situations such as these pull our moods down with them.

But just like us, those in the concentration camps during the holocaust also saw the harsh side of reality. She was really mean to them but those of them that survived found a way to cope through this method.

It is said that women in concentration camps experiencing starvation used to argue about recipes and stroll down memory lane to recall shared meals.

This helped them to a great extent to become removed from the hunger that plagued them.

This method of coping is called ‘nostalgia’ and guess what? It is actually good for you.

Studies have proven that strolling down memory lane to special moments is a great and healthy way to boost your moods.


As a matter of fact it is not unhealthy to reminisce about past glories or painful moments you’ve overcome in the past.

It is not living in the past but rather it is an effective way to keep yourself grounded and overcome pessimism.

When you lack motivation perhaps after several rounds of futile job hunting or when you return to an empty home with no one waiting to welcome you, nostalgia is a great tool to use in banishing the negative feelings that may arise.

Critics argue that nostalgia is just another way of living in the past but this is not true. It is okay to visit the past so long as you learn from it and draw the needed courage to forge ahead.

Therefore even when you find yourself in a troublesome situation, it helps if you view the situation as a potential moment to return to in the future. Something like ‘in five years’ time, I’ll remember this moment.’

Nostalgia also helps with feelings of loneliness. We all arrive at such moments like when we come of age and first leave home or when we travel to a new city with no familiar face around.


By drawing on the bank of warm memories, it is easy to go through such phases until we become fully adjusted.

This is a much better alternative to weed, or binge eating or trying to force connections with total strangers.

Nostalgia also helps us to cope with the passing away of loved ones. Experiences like this can be gut-wrenching, the mere idea that such a person you once related with is lost forever.

During such periods it’s very okay to pull out your shared memories and draw solace from them until you feel strong enough to carry on.

But perhaps most intriguing is the fact that nostalgia engenders creativity. A research study found that people under the effect of nostalgia wrote better essays than others who weren’t under induced nostalgia.


It’s why you feel poetic during wistful periods like twilight evenings or on sombre rainy days.


Nostalgia is such a powerful tool that it is capable of making you feel warm in a cold room. Because it is so potent and beneficial, everyone experiences nostalgia at least once a week.

So when you find yourself taking that trip down memory lane, just go with it. It is not a sign of weakness but rather it’s a mental booster.


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