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Are Tall Guys More Attractive?

I’m 5’9. This is considered just a bit above average height by most people. Let’s face it, being tall starts from the famous six feet.

But it took a long while before my body achieved this insane feat. Gravity and genes fought really hard to keep me around 5’7.

What I’ve got is an unexpected fluke. I’m twenty-one but I love to believe I’m still growing. It’s called positive thinking, deal with it.

Anyway, since I spent so long being a half-man (5’7), this question popped up a couple of times. It just couldn’t be helped. No one wants to be rejected, especially not for such a flimsy reason.

I don’t want to date you because umm, you’re kind of, you know… really short.

Ouch right? The fear of such an occurrence should be enough to make most half-men join a monastery and take an oath of celibacy.

Heck as a teen I was obsessed with this phobia, for a while that is. Even when girls were actually attracted to me, I just never noticed. Serious insecurity issues yo.

Until I realized that the great mystery of attraction is based on a myriad of criteria.

To fully grasp the scope of this study, we must take a closer look at what makes tall people (guys) seem attractive. Below are the general reasons many girls would bring up (notice I use the word ‘many’ not ‘most’ or ‘all’).

  1. Tall guys seem more confident and confidence is universally appealing.
  2. Being around a tall guy offers a sense of protection.
  3. You don’t have to worry about wearing high-heels, when your partner is a tall guy.
  4. Tall guys look more like dominant males than shorter guys.
  5. You don’t have to hunch yourself or try to appear shorter when you’ve got a tall partner.
  6. Your partner’s shirts would look like dresses on you.

I could go on listing but the reasons get even dumber the farther you go. You want to know why they’re dumb?

They’re dumb because they’re idealistic. They don’t sound real. They sound more like assumptions than true straight-from-the-heart opinions.

Confidence stems from a variety of reasons and is not limited to height. Simply put, shorter guys can be confident.

Half men are confident too, I know things.

A lot are actually. A lot of short guys are not fettered by insecurities over their vertical prowess and really don’t feel intimidated in the presence of taller guys.

Taller guys can also be insecure for a variety of reasons; they could be shy, or have ugly teeth or whatever it is. This proves that being tall does not necessarily imbue anyone with confidence.

A good upright posture signifies confidence. A tall guy with a good posture is likely to look self-assured. Still does not mean he’s confident.

Bear this in mind that a lot of tall guys are fond of slouching, which is quite unseemly. In the same way, a short guy with an upright posture can appear to be confident but still does not necessarily mean he is.

See the point I’m trying to make? This so called confidence is not attributable to height alone but to several other characteristics an individual may display.

So therefore tall guys seeming more confident is a flimsy assumption just spat out instinctively without any second thought. Consider it destroyed.

Who's laughing now, mr tall?

Second reason is the sense of protection. This stems from the fact that bigger equals stronger.

So in the assumed ‘female way of thinking’ (that is the way most guys assume ladies reason) a taller guy is the best bet if matters come to a head, and she needs physical protection from say another male.

I’m sure even at the tender age of twelve, you’d already come to realise that being bigger didn’t always mean being stronger.  This is because the outcome of a fight is determined by boldness or confidence, skill, and actual intent (how far do you want to take the fight?)…not height.

A guy can be tall but flat-footed or light as a feather or intimidated by his well-built although, much shorter opponent or not interested enough to fight for his partner.

Simply put, tall guys can be weaklings. Short guys can also be weaklings. They can also feel intimidated by taller guys. But the point remains, strength is not determined by a person’s height. So consider the point about protection, absolutely abolished.

The third reason comes right back to the issue of confidence. If a short man is insecure about his height, he may not want his partner to wear high heels around him.

This means the man lacks confidence and height is not the only reason to blame. Agreed, his lack of confidence could stem from anxiety over his height but it could also stem from other reasons.

Look at it this way, a tall guy could be domineering and try to moderate the way his partner dresses.

Because being an asshole is not subject to height, a tall guy could dissuade his partner from wearing high-heels simply because he doesn’t appreciate how she looks in them.

He could feel they would make her more attractive to other guys (this dumb excuse has been used by some actual living male human creatures). Therefore worrying about wearing high heels could come up with or without a short guy.

It could also come up because the lady herself is not confident enough to go out with a shorter guy. In this case, I think it is very clear that wearing high heels is not the issue.

This is simply a matter of preference and would be carefully explained as we go further. The fifth reason also closely resembles the third and can be explained away in like manner.

Hunching yourself because your partner wants it or because you want it comes down to a matter of confidence and is not solely attributable to height.

Some ladies hunch because they lack good posture or self-esteem, or the partner (whether tall or short) is an asshole who has sucked her self-esteem by being verbally, physically or psychologically abusive.

Or because she feels conspicuous with her partner (maybe they don’t come from the same social spheres). See why I say the point is idealistic?  

Height is still not solely to blame.

Lastly, a lady can do without wearing her partner’s shirts. Just because her partner’s clothes are snug on her does not necessarily render him unattractive.

A shorter guy could have a fit, healthy, body, much broader than his partner. She would still manage to look like a kid in his clothes. Height is still is not an issue.

Height is just a flimsy measure of attractiveness. Attraction stems from a combination of personal preferences that consider a lot more areas than height.

These areas could include confidence, financial status, goal or focus in life, looks, mutual interests and so many more.

Attraction is also not fixed but dependent on the individual. Simply put, to each his own or different tastes to different folk.

Tall girls can seem attracted to only taller guys because only taller guys are confident enough to approach them.

In fact, from personal experience, girls are more likely to be attracted to those males confident enough to approach them (yep you get a point for effort).

Understand that there are females who prefer taller guys and just can’t help it. But preference is not absolute and does not really determine who a person finally ends up with.

If that was the case, most women would be married to Channing Tatum or Brad Pitt.

5'7 bro. Probably screwed more women than Hugh Heffner so...

Also, the amount of women that prefer only tall guys make up just a fraction of the proverbial fish in the sea.

There are several women of varying degrees of attributes (beautiful, average, tall, short, e.t.c) who find shorter guys just as or more attractive than taller guys or just don’t give a hoot either way.



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